Q & A with an avid Disney fan

My cousin visited Walt Disney World last month with her husband and four children. She has visited the World many times over the years and with each visit she rekindles the same magic she experienced as a child. I asked her a few questions about how she experiences Disney, which park she finds to be adult-friendly, etc. Her answers really did not surprise me at all. Disney is truly a magical place for kids of all ages whether you’re 3 or 103 there is something for everyone.

Q: On your last visit to “the World” did you notice adults or children enjoying themselves more?

The last time I was there I saw children enjoying themselves more. However, there was one night that stuck with me. We were waiting to watch “Wishes” and a man standing behind me said, “I have waited for this for so long. I have chills!! I feel like a kid!!”

Q: Which of the four theme parks do you find to be the most adult friendly?


Q: What is your favorite experience Disney offers for adults only?

A relaxing trip to the Spa!

Q: Thinking back to all your visits, do you enjoy Disney more now as an adult or did you prefer your visits during your youth?

I enjoy the visits more as an adult. I appreciate the hotel, the food, the atmosphere so much more.


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